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Purchasing a home is an exciting time of your life. Beginning this process has many steps to ensure that all of your finances are in order and that you are best prepared for a successful transaction. Our extensive experience will help guide you through the process as we work together making your dreams come true. To get started, we have listed the key points below that you should be prepared for.

Contact a Mortgage Agent: Establishing a relationship with a reputable mortgage agent is one of the first things you will want to do. They can assist you with checking your credit score as well as provide you with an amount that you will be approved for borrowing for a mortgage. This important information will dictate the homes that will be in your search. In addition, they will provide you with a pre-approval letter that you will need for when you submit an offer.

Freeze your Spending: One of the key parts to  planning to purchase real estate is to save your money. Not only will you need to have funds for your down payment, but you will also have closing costs and other miscellaneous expenditures during the process. A mortgage agent can give you the best idea of what costs to expect depending on your situation. It is wise to refrain from any large purchases during this time.   

Select a Location: The Boston area is great as there are so many different neighborhoods, each offering unique amenities, culture and services. Be sure to do your due diligence and investigate which areas are best for you. Consider things like amenities that fit your lifestyle, proximity to transportation and your work commute as well as cost of the homes that are suitable for your needs. As experts in real estate all across the city, we can help guide you and find the right areas to focus on.  

Home Inspection: Hiring a home inspector is essential for gaining a better understanding of what your potential new home may need in repairs. Not only does an expert know exactly what to look for with regard to current conditions, but they can also have advice for future repairs or valuable information on the quality of construction. Having these answers position you best in planning for future expenses as well as crafting your sale price should there be any larger than normal repairs needed.

Purchase and Sale Contract: After your inspection is complete, the next step is to sign your Purchase and Sale Agreement, commonly called “P & S.” This agreement will solidify all terms of your offer and shall be accompanied with your down payment funds. Aside from being sure to gather all mortgage documents for final commitment, this will be the next step until your final walk through followed your actual closing.

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